Surprisingly, Heart of Eternal isn’t just a game. It is, in the actual sense but SoapBox Games was inspired by true stories and real people. The characters that you’ve grown to know and play and love and the adversities that cause you actual physical pain are indeed true to life, believe it or not. SoapBox Games stands on a platform that is entirely inspired by the Bible. We used these characters, these stories, these locations to invoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in your mind. Your imagination may have already gone to the Battle of Ai or sat next to Queen Jezebel in her throneroom – wherever it’s been, we thought you should know that you’re not that far off. You can find these stories, and many stories like them, in the Bible. You can visit our website if your curiosity has overwhelmed you to the point of web search. SoapBox Games is proud of this game and we plan to release many others in the near future. We purpose to teach, create, conquer and inspire – and all we’re asking you to do is have fun. So, enjoy this game. Find the AOG’s, collect the perfect deck and become the master with a Heart of Eternal, if you think you have what it takes.